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  • “iConfiDent is a fantastic application for managing my cases and collaborating with referral dentists. It’s easy to use - I create a case, select the implant system, upload images, x-rays and files and share these with the treatment team. iConfiDent saves me time by eliminating additional phone calls, meetings and tracking down scattered information for my referrals. iConfiDent provides dependable and secure information instantly available to the treatment team, helping me grow my implant business and achieve desired patient outcomes”
    - Dr. Tom Baker, DDS; Periodontist

  • “iConfiDent has enabled us to be much more efficient with each of our implant cases, and this helps us focus on creating better patient outcomes.”
    - Dr. Daniel Mairani, DDS; Dentist

  • “iConfiDent is a wonderful tool for working together on cases. I was about to start an implant restoration and had a question for the surgeon, however, he was on vacation. Rather than having to spend a bunch of my time and the surgeon's staff time going back-and-forth tracking down the information I needed, it was all right there for me in iConfiDent! I got all the answers I needed immediately by logging into iConfiDent and looking up the case. I would have had to reschedule the patient if it wasn't for the collaborative power of iConfiDent. The restoration went smoothly and the patient is very happy!”
    - Dr. Michael Hine, DDS; Dentist

  • “One of the wonderful features of iConfiDent IMS is the Implant Wizard, which helps guide selecting the correct implant systems and related restorative components from multiple implant manufacturers. Having this information in a centralized electronic archive of case records with notes, images, x-rays, and orders is a tremendous asset.”
    - Dr. Paola Guglielmoni, DDS, MS; Periodontist